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Zod is a unique financial solution that caters to both teenagers and educational institutions. With our neobank for teens and innovative platform for schools, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to simplify finances and promote financial literacy

For teenagers, Zod is more than just a bank. It's a user-friendly mobile app that empowers them to manage their money effectively, develop essential financial skills, and gain independence. With features like budgeting tools and personalized insights, Zod provides a valuable learning experience for teenagers to build a strong financial foundation.

At the same time, Zod understands the challenges faced by schools in managing finances. Our innovative platform offers a seamless solution for schools to streamline payment processes, collect fees, and access real-time financial data through an intuitive dashboard. With Zod, schools can focus on providing exceptional education while leaving the financial logistics to us.

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Meet Our Founders

Hamza Shana
Lina Abdelhadi
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Hamza and Lina, both graduates from the University of Manchester with Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, bring a unique combination of expertise to ZodBank. Hailing from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, they have been raised with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create positive change. Motivated by their passion for empowering families, children, and schools, Hamza and Lina have taken on the challenge of transforming the future through ZodBank. Together, they are dedicated to revolutionizing financial education and making a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals

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